Monday, July 9, 2012

3 Benefits of Climate Controlled Containers

When shipping perishable goods, few technologies are as valuable as climate controlled containers. Using refrigerated freight containers can help you preserve your time-sensitive goods during shipment or storage, allowing you to save on costs due to goods lost or damaged during shipping. This specialized technology guarantees your perishable imports and exports sustain the omnipresent hazards associated with long-distance freight travel. Here are a few of the primary benefits to using this type of container.
1. Convenient for Shipping or Storing Perishable Goods
One of the biggest advantages of using a container as opposed to a trailer is that it can double as a storage solution, in addition to protecting your goods during shipment. After placing the order for your container, it will be easily delivered on a flat-bed or roller-bed trailer. These containers can be shipped on any freight carrier, and depending on the size used, can be stacked up to three units high. Depending on the size used, you can achieve up to ten different temperatures ranges with multiple containers, all on the same flatbed trailer. With capacities ranging from 30 to 120 cubic feet, you are guaranteed to find the perfect container, or combination of containers, to preserve your goods in any climactic condition.
The refrigeration unit on each container plugs easily into any standard wall socket, allowing you to store and preserve your goods indefinitely, whether in your warehouse or in your driveway. Additionally, most units host batteries than can hold a charge for up to 72 hours, and recharge in as little as four hours, making this the perfect tool for transporting goods at highly specific temperatures during each component of the supply chain.
2. Temperature, Humidity, and Pest Control
The most obvious benefit to using a refrigeration enabled container is its ability to regulate the interior conditions of the container, despite the exterior climate. These containers can maintain temperatures as low as twenty degrees to over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Some goods, such as furniture, wood, or cigars tend to swell and shrink as humidity levels fluctuate. This can cause certain fibers to decompose rapidly. All controls for the heating and cooling unit are placed on the exterior of the container, so the warehouse attendant or driver never has to disturb its pristine interior atmosphere.
High levels of humidity, warm temperatures, and still air create the perfect conditions for mold, mildew, and fungi growth. In addition to temperature controls, each unit also has a fan unit that circulates air inside the container. This makes it virtually impossible for your goods to become infested with any type of bacterial or fungal pest.
3. Safer Loading and Unloading
A final benefit to these specialized shipping containers is that it is far easier to load and unload for the simple reason that they can be placed directly on the ground. As compared to a trailer, which requires the use of a ramp and dolly, this is much better at preventing accidental falls and spills of goods or workers.

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