Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Elements of Air Freight Forwarding

An air freight forwarding service is employed by companies that frequently deal in international importing and exporting. While a forwarder does not physically move materials and products, they act as a broker between the importer or exporter and an array of carriers who specialize in moving goods. Most businesses do not have access to the vast network of cargo transportation professionals on the market, and can take advantage of a freight broker's contacts and expertise to streamline their logistics processes and reduce shipping costs.
Though it may seem fairly simple, shipping a product from one country to another is a process latent with obstacles. Shipping internationally often involves a relay team of different carriers, each of which must be managed separately from requesting bids, to payment. Should anything ever go wrong with your shipment, your forwarder will be your single point of contact. Having planned the shipment for the most efficient route possible, your broker will be tracking the shipment and know just what to do and who to speak with to prevent stalls or delays in the shipping process. An experienced forwarder manages thousands of successful shipments every year. They work constantly to refine their process, achieving dramatic cost savings for their clients.
Additionally, since they do have a vast network of carriers at their disposal, they have more competition for their bids than a small business owner could ever hope to achieve. Since they represent such a large volume of business, they can often negotiate much better deals on shipping as well. Since a broker often has several clients shipping to the same country, they are able to batch shipments, lowering the total cost of shipping for each and every client.
Logistics also requires strict adherence to U.S. Customs and Border Control regulations and legalities. A forwarder is an dxpert in the customs process, making sure the cargo you are importing or exporting has all the necessary documentation to clear customs, and will not be held up at port for weeks or potentially, months. To the uninitiated, managing this process can be a tiresome burden, that often leaves their goods stranded at customs. This is why so many businesses are taking advantage of a forwarder's services to outsource this process.
Many professional forwarders will also offer many advantageous ancillary services needed for shipping internationally. In addition to the preparation of customs documents, they can provide shipping insurance, warehousing and storage, and even manage international payments and currency exchanges. They will help you manage and mitigate any risks involved. A forwarder that has put many years into the industry has seen almost every type of problem that could ever arise, and knows just how to solve it.
A trusted forwarder can save their clients from a great deal of labor and worry, not to mention provide them with reliable shipping options at the lowest possible price. For any company that imports or exports goods, this service is an incredible asset that should not be overlooked. In these uncertain economic times, hosting these services in-house is too costly and time-consuming.

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